Assumptions are made about people who face systemic barriers and who are jobless, B.A credential-less and homeless. We — myself included — as middle-class citizens, have created a world where money/power and social connection make you dominant — ‘successful,’ even — and for those impacted by systemic social barriers, this puts overwhelming obstacles on many people’s paths. The capitalist lifestyle is incredibly stressful and strenuous on many.

Support the idea that everyone has a story:

In order to disassemble the stigma of mental health, mental illness and addictions across populations, we need to start talking just about life in general: the ups, the downs, and the places in between: we just need to truly, as a human population, start communicating.

I hope to connect with like-minded social-justice driven individuals, and reach out to ‘at-risk’ or marginalized populations to conduct interviews to further disassemble the stigma of mental health, illness and addictions among and across populations. If you wish to involve yourself with this, please send me an email or message me on Facebook.

Completed Interviews:

The purpose of the Interviews Project is to change perspectives surrounding marginalized individuals, and to present the fact that everyone has a unique and valid story that doesn’t define them, but is nevertheless part of them.

Together we can create a society where all feel valued and appreciated, through community, connection and solidarity.