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TheoryOfLove Scoring Connection Program

Low-No Income Sports

Calling all yoga and relaxation instructors! (1)

“Everyone needs a chance to relax and practice self-care. Individuals who are street-involved or otherwise marginalized often have mental health challenges and due to their lifestyle don’t often get the chance to engage in self-care. Individuals in these circumstances can feel invisible and forgotten.

We do not forget anyone.”

Sports help us release pent-up energy. Studies have also shown that sports — especially team sports — are great for our mental health, as they help us feel included and connected to others. While playing sports, the game is typically the only thing that really matters at that moment, and, regardless of social status, you are another component on a team; another cog to help the machine — and it feels great. While some players are better than others, the whole atmosphere of being part of a team … well, for me, there’s just nothing like it. šŸ’š Fun sports like dodgeball and handball are an easy solution for if you want to take the competitive nature, and thus the relevancy of skill level, out of the game.

Recreation activities do the same thing, in striving to bring a sense of community and connection to participants.

This is why TheoryOfLove is starting the TheoryOfLove Scoring Connection Program, to bring accessible team sports to Ottawa’s systemically-marginalized and no-income population.
To function, the program requires team-work!

  • To facilitate or teach a sport program or recreation activity!: If you feel you would be able to bring expertise to a group session for a group activity or sport — such as meditation, yoga, or to teach some sort of class — that would be terrific! Please fill out this form!
  • To help support this program, via collaboration, advertising or use of space, please contact me, Daniel, at:
  • To donate, please click here! Every last cent of the money raised will go toward booking space for sport and other programs to run, for marginalized Ottawa’ns.

(* Programs will be catered to age and other demographics according to facilitators’ preferences. *)

Together we can all feel connected. Let’s get playing!