“How Are You?” – Take A Minute, Change A Life:

It is Canada’s 150th birthday. For the next 150 years, and beyond, let’s commit to truly improving our world — this means doing something worthwhile, and make lasting change that is modern, to-the-point, and inclusive of everybody.

Reach out; help take off others’ invisibility cloaks.

When I have bad mental health days, I feel isolated; I feel as though I don’t belong; I feel as though there is not a group in the world that I can connect with. I feel as though I am the only one battling a certain problem. I — me, and my heartaches — feel invisible to the outside world. My eyes glaze over and I feel as though others cannot see me, and I just sort of blend in. I take comfort in blending in, too, because curling up in a ball with me and my own thoughts, my own problems, is easy; it is familiar. My own thoughts and struggles are what I know best, above all and anything else in the world. Like a blanket, a favourite shirt, or something else of individual value, curling up in a ball with your problems and reclusing from the world is comforting, because you are wrapping yourself around and completely inside of something that is no less a part of you — perhaps even more a part of you — than your skin.

My hurt becomes no one’s but my own; I keep it, hug it close to my chest, as it is what I feel is truly part of me, and, in that sense, familiar. In these dark times, I retreat even further from the outside world until it seems as though I am watching a movie, flicker by, and I go through the motions of life mundanely and with great effort.

Feeling invisible is a crappy feeling. We are, quite simply, just stuck in our own heads. We feel as though others cannot understand where we are coming from, what we are going through, and our place in darkness — so we feel invisible. To combat this, and create a sense of connection, love and communitas, TheoryOfLove proposes the following!:

Start a conversation with someone next to you; ask "#HowAreYou?". No one should feel invisible. #TheoryOfLove

  • Start a conversation with someone in line next to you, on the bus beside you, or someone on the street — ask them how they are. Through this mechanism, we can further connect with others, and decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation — invisibility.
  • Start a conversation with a friend or peer by asking the question “How are you?”, and challenge the recipient to actually provide an in-depth answer – not simply an off-the-cuff, “Good, you?”.
    • Post the phrase to social media: “I engaged in a REAL #HowAreYou conversation today, and it felt____ #IamReal.”=

Express how the conversation impacted their day / themselves, to further encourage their networks to involve themselves with the social movement.