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General Information:

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To disassemble the stigma of mental health and join together in solidarity, unity and proud display of our human vulnerabilities, Community Discussion Sessions will facilitate connection and collaboration among and between all populations.

Community Discussion Sessions further support the disassembling of the mental health, illness and addictions stigma, through open conversation and education.



Within Community Discussion Sessions, I hope to provide:

– walk-in discussion groups for individuals of different marginalized populations,
– therapy dogs to support individuals during discussion groups and activities
– group discussions and activities to increase discussion and allow people creative expression in showcasing their ‘reality’ – their vulnerabilities
– guest speakers to spur discussion on breaking down the mental health stigma as well as resiliency – and how individuals in different marginalized populations could work to achieve said resiliency.

If you are interested in hosting a Community Discussion Session for a certain group, I can send you an overview of what the Community Discussion Sessions entail and we can work together to tailor them to a specific population or group, or to a specific mental health difficulty your population faces, if you would like. Please contact me for further info!