Connected, Empowered, Alive – Gordon, former squeegee kid, inspires others with the honesty of his story

Listening to and sharing stories keeps us all feeling connected, empowered, alive!

Meet Gordon. Former squeegee kid to make end’s meat in Toronto, Gordon, with the help of his girlfriend (who has the same major as I do!) now writes books about his experience on the streets.

One of the many take-aways from Gordon’s story, is this:

Creativity Explored in San Francsico fostering TheoryOfLove

Creativity Explored is a program in San Francisco, California that helps individuals with developmental disabilities express themselves through arts. Below is an interview with Creativity Explored. 

We all need to feel loved, connected and valued. Creativity Explored fosters this humanistic need, through their programming, ensuring every artist is given the opportunity to express their feelings, their desires, their dreams, through community and art.

“Like anyone, our artists feel, react, and dream. They have talents and wishes and plans for their future. They crave friendship, love, and connection. I think the world has a lot to learn from this community and the best way to learn is to get involved.”