TheoryOfLove, is a mental health initiative created in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, by Daniel P., the premise being that we all have a desire as humans to feel loved, connected and a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, marginalized populations often feel lost and invisible. TheoryOfLove works to promote realities, encouraging all to express themselves and facilitating community among a diverse range of social groups, to support individuals who may feel alone — which is all of us at times.

TheoryOfLove is comprised of a very active social media presence encouraging mental health discussion, in-person discussion groups catered to different populations, as well as other endeavors in partnership with community social service organizations across Ottawa, to engage marginalized populations in mental health discussion. TheoryOfLove’s mission, “embracing collective vulnerability for a stronger world,” truly rings within TheoryOfLove’s work — if we all supported each other and embraced our vulnerabilities, we would be able to all act as partners in living life, and collectively face the challenges our world and modern society places upon us.



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