We all struggle. We all feel vulnerable. We are all human.

TheoryOfLove: When individuals do not feel loved, they do not feel as though they belong, and this often creates mental health challenges. So let’s do something about it.

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In our world, we often get caught up in trying to keep on the mask of social theatre. We often keep our darkest thoughts to ourselves, we feel ashamed of sharing them with sometimes even our closest friends, and, when we truly feel alone, we recluse into a pit of despair and hopelessness. When we, as individuals, do not feel loved, we do not feel as though we belong, and this often creates mental health challenges for us. TheoryOfLove works to engage all in a public conversation: to transcend the class-social divide and engage all social populations in a community of love and real conversation surrounding mental health and social well-being. Through this community effort, we can break through the debilitating stigma surrounding mental health, and the barriers which currently hinder social progress toward a just society where equality of opportunity is forefront and prominent.

TheoryOfLove attempts to unite people to be themselves — ourselves — not only when we are alone looking in the mirror at night, but when we are interacting with other humans online, and in person, through fostering of connection where we don’t feel alone.

The TheoryOfLove endeavor intends to unite members of society by one common thread, with four ‘snags’ along it: honesty, imperfection, and reality, and vulnerability. If we remove ourselves from the pretences of success, greatness, flawlessness, and unyielding confidence we can get to the core of our humanity, and, thus, of life itself: truth and boundless socialization.




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